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"It will affect the track athletes a lot because for some schools, UD track meets were the only meets they would go to," said Collins, who captured a total of nine state titles at the Indoor Championships during his illustrious career. "Some schools don't have the money to go to other meets, so the athletes won't be as prepared as they would be if the UD meets were to stay."

Local coaches and runners react to removal of UD's indoor track

There's no question the facility alterations are best for the majority of UD's student athletes and its general student population, and so blame can't be placed on the university. It's now incumbent on the DIAA to do everything in its power to ensure Prada Bags New Collection 2017

able to take kids to as many meets, and I think this could lead to runners leaving the team because they are not getting to compete enough. It also takes meets away from experienced runners who need the competition to improve."

One of the finest to ever compete at the Field House was Glasgow's Leshon Collins, currently a freshman sprinter at the University of Houston.

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Christiana boys track coach Latrelle Watkins said the impact goes beyond cost, inconvenience and performance.

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But it is the removal of the indoor track as part of the Field House renovations that affects high school athletes. Several indoor meets, including the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA) Indoor Track Championships, were held there each winter, giving high school athletes a first class venue in which Orange Prada Bag

Increased costs also worry coaches.

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"Family members and our supportive community members may have trouble supporting our student athletes if the championship was moved," Christiana girls track coach Lori Belinsky said.

However, the move is inevitable.

that what Charles called a "worst case scenario," the cancellation of the popular sport, doesn't happen. Fortunately for the sport, Charles himself is a big fan.

"I think that not being able to run at the Field House will affect the atmosphere of indoor track in Delaware," said Fontal, who committed last week to run cross country at Wilmington University. "The field house is the place where traditions were made and Delaware's finest competed at their best."

"[The Field House] was an ideal location and allowed kids to get a chance to run more during the indoor season," Christiana head cross country and assistant track coach Mike Daugila said. "I am worried that we won't be Prada Bags Man

"We haven't even begun the research yet [for a new venue]," Charles said. "But the process will be that we will survey area facilities, determine the cost, both to DIAA and to our member schools, and then ask our member schools what direction they want DIAA to go with the event. Unfortunately, the cost of facilities is very high, and the number of available facilities capable of accommodating this event few."

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"The Indoor Track Championships is one of my favorite events," Charles said. "Participation by students has been very good and the sport brings together a wide range of socio economic groups."

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to train and compete.

Tower Hill is the only other facility in the First State with an appropriate indoor track. However, DIAA executive director Kevin Charles said the venue is not set up to host meets and therefore, regardless of where the meet is moved out of state, it will become an inconvenience for players, coaches and spectators.

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"Having students run at the university opens up opportunities to increase enrollment at UD," Watkins said. "A lot of things influence a student's decision to attend a college. One of the influences is the grounds of the school. The Field House is a beautiful building that opens the eyes of students to realize that not only is college available to all students, but that to continue to be a student athlete in higher education is something that is achievable."

"It Prada Bag Blush costs a lot to pay for a bus to take runners to out of state meets, and we are already under a financial strain as a district," Daugila added.

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