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The motivation came after the fourth year creative writing class ranked in the top six out of 391 schools in Texas Prada Shoulder Bags

much every one is comfortable with every one here, said senior William Cafarelli, who hopes to study photography in college. no high school drama about it. Page Prada Bag Beige said she gained more knowledge, writing skills and was able to get published since the senior joined the literary journal team.

by the National Council of Teachers of English in its 2011 Excellence in Student Literary Magazines contest.

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should have enough for color, Pace said. top three usually go to art magnet schools in Dallas and it be nice to compete with them. lofty state recognition goals, however, only tell a small side of the Gallimaufry story, which started in conjunction with the high school creative writing/literary genres class. Gallimaufry is published once a year with entries in art, fiction, nonfiction essays, photography and poetry. When Pace arrived at Abilene High, he was surprised to learn it didn have a literary journal.

better, understand the process and they a lot more gifted than they think, Pace said. tend to be over critical of themselves. of the things that Pace is most proud about is how former Gallimaufry students now in college are able to keep up with him and the class, as well as comment through a Facebook page established for the literary magazine.

for the literary journal in the spring.

Although printing the journal in color will cost $1,000, the students are well on their way to raising the funds, with nearly $400 collected from their bake sale efforts at ArtWalk in October and by selling $5 Pizza Inn discount cards.

Pace explained that his students have a major project every six weeks and write in various genres, including poetry. They also cover writing not seen in other literature classes as Pace said he follows a lot of the college creative writing curriculum from the late Jack Welch from Abilene Christian University.

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Prada Bag Beige

It didn take long before the class doubled in popularity from its first year to 30 students last year. This year it has 23 students after starting with 26.

Despite some swapping of small talk and another sitting on a desk, the maturity of the juniors and seniors in Pace class was evident. The students worked quietly on their Dell laptops as they edited each other stories Wednesday morning.

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lot of what I write is very, very personal, said McCoy, who intends to double major in English and philosophy at Texas Tech. also have to be careful because when you telling your story, you telling the story of those around you. And I probably wouldn have published anything last year if I hadn been pushed by Mr. Pace. who served five years in the Army before teaching at Abilene High, said he enjoys working with the Gallimaufry magazine students and finds it fulfilling.

´╗┐literary magazine helps students express themselves

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Prada Bag Beige

Prada Bag Beige

are able to publish something, write Prada Eyeglasses Pink

Prada Bag Beige

Students must receive a recommendation from their sophomore English teacher or talk to Pace to become Gallimaufry members, who meet daily for an hour class with him. He said students spend the first semester learning the process of creating stories and poetry and then work as the editorial staff Hottest Prada Sunglasses Online

Pace believes if the journal is a full color edition like last year top three finishers Abilene would improve its chances of placing in the top three in the contest.

gained a lot of confidence with my writing, said Page, who plans to attend McMurry University and study forensic science with a minor in creative writing. always written small things for my family, but I expanded and trusted other people to see my writing. McCoy, who has been writing since she was young, also said she was nervous about sharing her writing with others.

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