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She believes the students benefited from this experience.

Before Elaine brought the idea to Nashua Catholic, she had performed at other middle schools in the area, such as Goffstown Middle School and Calvary Christian Middle School in Derry. Prada Glasses For Mens

Prada Bag 2016

"We can teach the Civil War in class, but it's much more one dimensional," she said. "Anytime you can take a situation out and into the open and to the real world, its very beneficial. We're making it as real world as you can get in 2012."

He demonstrated specific drills while the students followed his lead, holding sticks of wood as makeshift guns.

"The kids are having a blast," she said. "I know that I'm a tactile learner, so I know something like this really opens the history up for students."

"A lot of these clothes that you'll see here today I made for acting purposes," Jubinville said.

we all participated," said Sahaja Surapaneni, 12, of Nashua.

Wood, 13, was one of several Nashua Catholic Regional Junior High School students who filled Greeley Park dressed in period clothing while they made their way around the park for a Civil War Living History Day.

Living History Day brings Civil War to life for Nashua Catholic students

The students even had as much fun with the program as the teachers.

Erin Wood didn't need her imagination Thursday morning to know what it was like to live during the Civil War.

Students were able to experience what it was like to learn in a one room schoolhouse, dance the Virginia Reel, learn the different games children used to play such as "town ball" and saw what the life of a solider would have been like.

Haleigh Therrien, 13, Prada Handbags Crossbody

Prada Bag 2016

Prada Bag 2016

American history teacher Elaine Jubinville said the program would be a great experience for her students to learn what it was like to live in a different era.

Kirkwood believes its important for students to learn in different ways.

Jubinville and her family have participated in re enactments such as this one along the East Coast for 15 years. Jubinville and her family are living historians. They belong to the 28th Massachusetts Company K, which represents the Union. All of the toys and traditional equipment at the park belonged to Jubinville, as she uses them when her family travels to re enactments.

"I loved all the games we played. They were really interesting," she said.

Across the field, Mary Kirkwood, the admissions director for Nashua Catholic, told students in her one room schoolhouse, "We're going to brighten our day with some geography now." The students sat separated by gender in the schoolroom with slates and a piece of chalk as they produced answers for her questions.

"I enjoyed how even the students were able to get involved in this event," said Danielle Szczygielski, 13, of Nashua.

Also on hand was the couple's daughter Manon. She demonstrated to students the rules behind the popular game "town ball." The game Prada Bag 2016 is similar to baseball.

Prada Bag 2016

"This ties into our unit on Civil War. It's a very culminating activity," Jubinville said, "It makes the learning experience more meaningful. You can learn from books, but hands on has such a greater impact on a student."

of Nashua, said she had a good time.

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"We all enjoyed how it was very interactive, and Prada Sunglasses Black And White

Prada Bag 2016

"I hope everything they've learned in class can be put together here," Jubinville said. "It's good to get a real life view of what everything is."

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"I really enjoyed seeing the schoolhouse and how the classes used to be," Wood said.

In the infield, the couple's son Mike told a group of students, "So now that we've got our guns and we know how to use them, the only thing left to do is learn how to march."

Jubinville spent the day teaching her students the Virginia Reel, a type of dance that existed in the Civil War era, along with the music to match the steps.

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Prada Bag 2016

Jubinville's husband, Dan, also presented to the students. He explained the traditional dress of a solider and how they would use their rifle and its components. He also touched upon different diseases soldiers might have contracted.

It also ties into the curriculum. The students are learning about the Civil War now in class.

"I think they'll remember this unit," Kirkwood said.

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Prada Bag 2016

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