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At Wylie ISD the a la carte menu includes a variety of foods in addition to the restaurant sandwiches, including Hot Pockets, burritos, chicken tenders and ice cream. No a la carte food is exempt from adhering to the Texas Department of Agriculture school lunch policies.

Now that the five year implementation period has ended, there are countless policies that public school cafeterias follow. According to Knox, meeting the nutritional requirements means making pizza with whole grain crust and turkey pepperoni, serving whole wheat spaghetti and exchanging traditionally high calorie items like cheese and gravy with low fat versions.

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was unfortunate, she said. Prada Wallet Woman

Even though they not prepared on a Wylie campus, the sandwiches still must adhere to the policy guidelines.

Because of the cooperative nature necessary to fulfill some of the nutrition policies, the meals provided in the cafeteria are often the easiest to control, Knox said.

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According to the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy rules, the service of competitive foods Pink Prada Handbag all food and beverage items not provided by the school is disallowed, especially during meal times.

kind of food or drink we bring in, anything in a vending machine, anything sold in the school has to meet these requirements, said Marka Riddle, food service director for WISD. has to follow this strict set of guidelines. for elementary campuses, every cafeteria in WISD and AISD provides two ways to eat lunch a traditional tray line and an a la carte menu. The sandwiches are available on WISD a la carte menu.

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In addition, the school would be required to reimburse the food service account for the disallowed reimbursement. Except in the case of a violation, food service funds (which total $7.96 million this year for AISD) are kept separate from the district general fund.

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Although the statewide policies keep most things uniform in public school food service, a few things differ between AISD and Wylie Independent School District, mostly because of the number of students in each district.

It been difficult at times to get every administrator on every campus to understand the seriousness of the guidelines, she said, but she believes last year violation was not done intentionally.

Following last year audit AISD was cited for having carbonated beverages available for purchase on a secondary campus, Knox said.

On average she oversees the service of 8,000 breakfasts, 12,500 lunches and 500 after school snacks each day for the Abilene Independent School District.

Local public schools adhere to strict nutrition policies

we not cooking home cooked meals from scratch, Knox said, moms aren trying to feed 17,000 kids in less than two hours, either. I challenge any district to serve something as good as we have. of her position, Knox said she is no stranger to criticism, but she feels the district does a terrific job in feeding the thousands of kids on the 27 AISD campuses every day.

In essence, her job is to run a giant restaurant that employs 247 people who crank out more than 20,000 meals per day, all of which are calculated and planned based on a specific set of federal and state guidelines.

Vending machines no longer offer carbonated beverages, and milk is either skim or 1 percent. Even the portion sizes of sports drinks are regulated.

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of deep fryers.

the policy limits fats, eliminates deep frying, limits the amount of potatoes we can serve, limits trans fats and increases fruits and vegetables, said Knox, the director of child nutrition for the district. policy also limits the amount of fat and sugar that can be in things as well as addresses portion sizes. the state guidelines were introduced in 2005, Knox said, schools were placed on a five year implementation policy. Each year, criteria was added to the policy. One of the earliest requirements was to rid every cafeteria in the state Shoulder Bag Prada

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One of the biggest differences between WISD and AISD food service is the presence of name brand restaurant foods on Wylie campuses.

Software plans meals to ensure they meet nutritional and caloric guidelines. Everything that ends up on the tray has undergone nutritional analysis and a taste test.

The guidelines aren new. They were implemented in 2005 by the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy drawn up by the Texas Department of Agriculture. However, Michelle Obama recent initiatives to end childhood obesity have brought renewed attention to the nutritional value of school lunches.

some of the requirements. Something as simple as providing pizza and soda to a classroom as a reward is in violation of the policies, Knox said, and the penalty for violating the policy is often that the district will not be reimbursed for any of the meals served on a day a campus was in violation.

To enforce policies, public school districts are audited. In the past the audit came every five years. New legislation through the USDA requires an audit every three years, Knox said. Department of Agriculture.

Portion sizes and nutrient and calorie requirements are specific with the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy in place, but AISD has it down to a science.

However, Wylie ISD has contracts with Chick fil A and Arby to provide sandwiches for purchase by students during meal service. On junior high and high school campuses, Chick fil A sandwiches are served on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and Arby sandwiches are served on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

truly in my heart of hearts believe it was a mistake. the policies have been in place several years, Knox said some people still misunderstand or overlook Prada Sling Bag Nylon

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