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Original Prada Bag

Original Prada Bag

Original Prada Bag

Original Prada Bag

During each incident the bandit wore different clothing and always used a hood or ski mask to help conceal his identity. He is possibly left handed and has been armed with a semi automatic handgun during each of the robberies, which he has used to threaten bank employees and customers, the release said.

No injuries were reported during any of the incidents, but he is described as aggressive Prada Nylon Sling Bag Price

Federal investigators and local police are hoping some extra cash will help spur new information about a wanted bank robber responsible for as many as 16 armed takeovers of banks and credit unions throughout the western suburbs.

what they are trying to do is bring in more information that will lead to the identification of the suspect, said Wheaton Deputy Police Chief Tom Meloni.

local police increase reward for Wheaton Bandit

Dubbed the Wheaton Bandit after robbing seven banks in that town, the serial robber first began his criminal spree in January of 2002 and continued robbing banks in and around Wheaton, said Federal Prada Bags On Sale

often threatening violence if his orders are not strictly followed.

have had robberies in Wheaton before, but not all committed by the same suspect, Meloni said.

He added the bandit is wanted for a total of eight bank robberies in Wheaton and one attempted robbery.

Original Prada Bag

and arrest of the bandit.

Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Ross Rice in a release sent out last week.

Original Prada Bag

The first big break in the case surfaced in November of 2006 after a passerby thought to have caught a glimpse of the bandit without his trademark ski mask pulled over his face just prior to an armed robbery at the Fifth Third Bank branch in Original Prada Bag Winfield, the release said.

Original Prada Bag

Investigators also believe the bandit may have prior law enforcement or military training due to the way he handled the weapon.

Original Prada Bag

Investigators are now offering $50,000 a $5,000 increase from the previous reward amount to anyone with information leading to the identification Prada Bags Price In Pakistan

The Wheaton Bandit is believed to have made off with more than $100,000 during his four year run, also hitting banks in Winfield, Naperville and Geneva.

A bank surveillance photo of a person of interest also was recovered from a Mid America Bank branch in Glen Ellyn. The person, who investigators are still hoping to identify, was seen entering the bank in late December of 2004 just a few weeks before it was robbed by an individual matching a similar description.

Original Prada Bag

Original Prada Bag

Original Prada Bag

Original Prada Bag

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