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The most difficult part of completing the project, he said, was pouring the bronze into the molds. Because the molds were so big, he required two crucibles of molten bronze Prada Sunglasses Mirror

Nylon Prada Bag

"They chose this fireman to be my model. He worked with me on his own time."

The piece for the fire department, he said, shows much larger characters. He worked on this piece for about two months.

Nylon Prada Bag

Nylon Prada Bag

Each piece, whether it's an animal or a fireman, begins with a clay sculpture, Clark said. The sculptures are then covered with plaster, polyurethane rubber, or some other material. From that mold, Clark explained, he produces a copy of the sculpture made of wax. The wax is the thickness he wants the bronze sculpture to be. Another mold, this one prepared from colloidal silica, is then made over the wax. That material is used because it can withstand the temperature of the molten bronze.

Nylon Prada Bag

and Emergency Operations Center at 201 N. 21st St.

The relief sculpture, he said, will be finished around September and will depict a 21 gun salute and the family of someone who has died.

Nylon Prada Bag

"My idea of the firemen is that they are lifesavers," said Clark, 60, who was putting the finishing touches on the image.

"They're all representatives of native wildlife," Hook said.

Nylon Prada Bag

"I enjoyed working with the firemen," Clark said. "They were very enthusiastic about the project." He looked over the stern faced firefighter. Prada Bags Cahier

Nylon Prada Bag

Other planned pieces include an ocelot, a green jay, and a Texas tortoise.

"There's a canopy of trees, and above the trees in the clouds are, looking down, soldiers from every period of war in the history of the United States," Clark said. "They're all like looking down on the funeral as comrades." On the back of the wall, he said, there will be a soldier in battle dress carrying a weapon as he steps from the wall.

The owl was one of Nylon Prada Bag 30 sculptures that Quinta Mazatlan hopes to place along its Forest Sculpture Trail, said Colleen Hook, manager. So far, Quinta Mazatlan has obtained sponsors for 17 of the sculptures. Joyce and Frank Smith, she said, are sponsoring the owl.

He's been working on this project for about eight months, he said. The most difficult part of the project, he said, is the size of the figures in relief.

This was only one of many projects that have kept Clark busy in recent months. Another project involves the creation of bronze animals for Quinta Mazatlan, a branch of the World Birding Center. One hot day recently, he was working on an owl in the foundry at the University of Texas Pan American annex at 2412 S. Closner

Sculptor Douglas Clark will soon deliver the 1,000 pound bronze image to the McAllen Fire Administration Prada Iphone 7 Plus Cover

"The relief sculpture is little tiny figures," he said. "It's a lot of them. And to me, doing small sculptures is much slower and tedious than doing large works."

Nylon Prada Bag

to be poured simultaneously. Firemen from the McAllen station assisted him in the pouring, he said.

Clark is also working on a project for Roselawn Cemetery.

"At Roselawn Cemetery they have a section that is devoted to military, and they have previously just had a flagpole," Clark said. "When they have Memorial Day ceremonies and that sort of thing, they just raise the flag. Now there are two flagpoles at the intersection of two roads, and they've made a roundabout, and at the center of the roundabout there's a granite wall that we're going to put this large relief sculpture."

Local sculptor's tribute to McAllen firefighters is made to stand test of time

"We're going to place them along a half mile of trail around an adobe house," said Hook.

A yellow flame gushed from the furnace that burned at 2,400 degrees. Clark used a pair of tongs to put bronze ingots into the crucible of silicon carbide inside the furnace. While the ingots slowly melted, he and another helper placed molds of a great horned owl's wings in garbage cans and filled the area around them with sand.

Nylon Prada Bag

"We bury the shell in sand so that if there's a crack in the mold, the bronze can't escape," Clark said.

Nylon Prada Bag

Nylon Prada Bag

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