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am happy that I could help."

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"Having her talk to me and thank me Red Prada Bag

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Mens Prada Bag

CPR first, but Brunette took over after saying I was performing it wrong," Gerrish said. "I was fine with that because I didn't really know what I was doing."

Gerrish was presented with a pin by ambulance company American Medical Response, which the rescue personnel can wear on their Mens Prada Bag uniforms, and a thank you from the rescue team.

The resuscitated man was transported to St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua, where the ER staff began a new life saving technique to help reduce the risk of injury to tissue that is caused by reduced blood flow.

"I was working and heard the man fall into the display in the store," said Gerrish, an employee at the store.

The day after the incident, Gerrish got a call from the patient's daughter who thanked Gerrish and the rescuers for saving her fathers life.

NASHUA When Sean Gerrish saw one of the customers in the liquor store on Coliseum Avenue fall down and crash into one of the displays last week, he knew something was wrong.

"No egos were there that day. There were just people doing work, and it turned out to be a very calm situation," said Dr. Jim Martin, who spoke at the brief ceremony. "It takes a lot of people to save a life."

On Tuesday, Gerrish and Brunette were credited with saving the man's life.

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Brunette was not at the ceremony.

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Liquor store employee and customer credited with saving another man's life in Nashua last week

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The man is currently at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester.

The men performed CPR until the rescuers arrived, who then provided the critical components that saved the patient.

The rescue team from the May 6 emergency call included fire fighters Benjamin Clark, Timothy Marquis, Kevin Pelletier, AMR Paramedic Kyn Gdanian, AMR EMT intermediate Brandon Townsend, and Nashua Fire Rescue Lt. William Atkinson.

brought the situation into a whole new perspective," Gerrish said. "It definitely made the situation more real, and I Prada Men Wallet

Mens Prada Bag

"I began doing Prada Eyeglasses Red

Mens Prada Bag

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