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The robot was so popular, there are now four different varieties of robots throughout the business, each standing up to 10 feet in height.

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This week, staff were touching up the paint before crating and shipping the metal monster on Aug. 13 for the CNE opening.

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The 23 foot robot, normally found at Primitive Designs on County Road 28 just north of Port Hope, will be at the centre of the Pop Culture exhibit at the CNE which runs Aug. 15 to Sept. Prada Cahier Celestial

to have people park their Cameros beside it all day wanting to take photos with the robots in the background," McWalters said.

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A large robot from Port Hope will be the main attraction at one of the exhibits at this summer's Canadian National Exhibition.

Manager Michelle McWalters said they were thrilled when the CNE contacted them about having the robot as the Gold Prada Wallet main attraction.

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The robot was all hand built and hand welded.

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The metal giant weighs in at around 2.5 tons, "so the CNE definitely has their work cut out for them," McWalters added.

Since the original robot was brought to the store, there Prada Etiquette Bag Nylon

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Organizers of the Pop Culture exhibit have told McWalters that upwards of a million people will be viewing the robot, which will have a sign displaying Primitive Design's name and its hometown of Port Hope.

have been an estimated 3,000 vehicles per week from across Canada and the United States filling the parking lot.

Since the robot was installed at the front of the store in 2010, it has garnered attention from around the globe.

"The owners had it commissioned to celebrate their 10th anniversary," McWalters said. "It was created in Southeast Asia and the owners worked with the artist for six months to build it. It took three months to ship it to Port Hope and eight hours to put it together using a 40 foot boom."

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Local robot to be part of CNE exhibit

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