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"They don't seem to have any respect," she added. "I don't know why they do it.

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Litter louts target Sunderland church

"Norman, the man who clears up, isn't even one of congregation, he just says that it upsets him to see the cemetery in that state, as he has friends buried there.

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Although the churchyard has been closed to burials for about 20 years, families are still able to scatter the ashes of loved ones at a memorial garden.

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The Reverend Steve Osman said rubbish pile has grown in recent months.

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"We do have some good hearted community folk who come and help us.

In the summer the city came third in a list of shame for areas in the North East blighted Cheap Prada Bags by fly tippers with 6,744 reported cases in 2010/11 up from 3,559 the previous year.

He said: "It's been a matter of months at least two or three.

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"One of the parishioners goes in to clear up the garden of remembrance.

The 66 year old said litter pickers filled a blue recycling bin with empty cans of lager and she often picks up empty bottles of wine and vodka.

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Sunderland City Council can take legal action against anyone who illegally dumps waste, who could then face a maximum fine of 50,000 and up to five years Prada Velvet Bags

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"We have about 10 weddings booked next year, so we want it nice for the brides and grooms, we have some quite big baptisms and of course, we're always here for funerals.

Now fed up members of the congregation and people living nearby have formed a litter squad to tackle the mess.

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"I would like to send Brown Prada Bag

"But the problem with dogs has been going on a lot longer.

"We just want to highlight it so hopefully people will stop throwing rubbish in."

She said: "When will people Prada Wallet Women 2017

If you remain dissatisfied with the response provided then you can contact the PCC by clicking here.

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Churchgoer Jane Elsdon hit out at those responsible.

the people responsible a message asking them to stop."

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"We have just raised 20,000 to refurbish the inside of the church and are still raising money to have it painted.

"If it was not for the sterling efforts of a local gentleman who voluntarily clears the rubbish on a regular basis, because he has friends buried there, I dread to think what sort of a state the cemetery would be in."

realise and respect that this is an area where people have buried their loved ones and visit it for some peace and reflection?

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