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warrant articles to be presented to residents next week by the School Board, which heeded community consensus Wednesday and voted to have multiple warrants at the town's upcoming special meeting. Sept. 21.

The second warrant will ask to spend about $88,900 for support staff and general operating expenses, including additional days for school nurses, guidance personnel, receptionists, and extra fuel oil and propane costs.

Each board member agreed. There was no discussion Wednesday about offering just one article to voters Sept. 21.

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The fifth and sixth warrant articles ask for $6,608 and $5,000 for an adult education program and a co curricular program within the high school, respectively.

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Board members agreed that there is an issue with math results in Litchfield and that the problem needs to be addressed, but they decided the special meeting vote isn't the right forum to step in.

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"It's very important to empower the people to help us decide how to spend their money," Guerrette said. "It tells us very specifically what they support or don't support, and it allows people to see that we value what they tell us. It's trust building."

LITCHFIELD Direct education staff, custodial jobs and the adult education program are among Blue Prada Wallet six Prada Backpack Robot

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With the special meeting process, the vote happens immediately after the deliberative session on the same night.

Chairman John York, who voted in favor of the math consultant, said the board should talk to the community about the math issues and pursue adding the line item in March at Town Prada Quilted Nylon Bag

The fourth asks for about $105,742 to add three full time custodians, one each to the three district schools.

"We can continue to try to find a solution within the community inexpensively, but we'll be back here in nine months knowing nothing more than we do now," York said. "We have to get our hands on what the issues are."


Residents will vote on six warrant articles, each with different expenses and positions involved.

The first is for direct education staff, which includes adding positions that have a pointed impact on students in the district. That warrant article will ask to spend about $207,403 for five paraprofessionals, an English teacher at Campbell High School, a special education teacher, a library monitor at Campbell, a districtwide curriculum director and an ESOL tutor.

"If you put everything into a single warrant article, you run the risk of Prada Bags Images

The School Board will present about $450,000 in additions to voters, and about $1.3 million would be returned to the taxpayers to offset the tax rate if voters approve.

Litchfield residents to decide on extra state education funding at special meeting

alienating people to the point where they could vote 'no' on the whole thing if they disagree with a single item," board member Dennis Miller said.

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A seventh warrant was proposed, but voted down by School Board members 3 2, to spend $10,000 for an outside consultant to come in and evaluate math problems within the district.

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The process is different than what happens every year in Litchfield, when a deliberative session is followed several weeks later by a ballot vote.

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The third warrant will ask the voters if they want to add a part time assistant principal to Griffin Memorial School at a cost of $30,675.

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